Why Andorra?

Through the current process of economic openness and legal and financial harmonization, Andorra has established itself as a prosperous, attractive and first-class destination that is ideal for individuals and companies who want to live or invest locally or beyond our borders, with a competitive tax system.

  • Best quality-of-life and life-expectation levels in the world.

  • Legal security and political and institutional stability.

  • First-class health and education systems.

  • Tourist destination offering a unique experience that perfectly combines nature, shopping, health and wellness, skiing and cultural heritage.

  • Prices that can be between 10% and 40% more competitive than those of Spain or France.

  • Economic openness to overseas capital. Foreign investors can hold 100% of capital.

  • A healthy and stable financial system with liquidity and solvency ratios that are well above Andorran and European minimum legal requirements.

  • Treaties with several countries to avoid double taxation (f.i. Spain, France, etc)

  • Competitive fiscal framework for individuals and societies.

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