The globalised world we live in with its international climate of economic openness, free trade and freedom with regard to the movement of capital, represents a challenge for small and medium-sized businesses that aspire to successfully compete. In this respect, the internationalization of companies offers a unique opportunity to increase competitiveness and expand into new markets.

At IdeaAnd Consulting, we draw on the experience and renown of our affiliate, International Team Consulting (ITC), to offer a specialist, quality, and fully tailored service for both the public and private sector.

The multidisciplinary and multilingual ITC team has over thirty years of international experience in European markets (France, Germany, Belgium, UK, Netherlands, Italy, Scandinavia…), Zagreb (Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco), Latin America (Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Colombia…), Senegal and the United States.
ITC has offices in Barcelona, Galicia, Paris, Berlin and Brazil and an extensive network of agents covering, among others, countries such as Russia, India and China.

Range of services

  • We find and select commercial agents, distributors, representatives and partners in those international markets with the greatest potential for your company. 
  • Export department outsourcing. We put a team of foreign trade and export experts at your disposal to help you begin the process of internationalization for your company. 
  • Export department outsourcing. We put a team of foreign trade and export experts at your disposal to help you begin the process of internationalization for your company. 
  • International expansion consultancy service. We provide support both in the initial phase of market research and Business Plan production, as well as at the time of business implementation. 
  • We handle end-to-end trade mission organisation: from the initial survey of the market and identification of the best local partners, to the more logistical aspect and supply of interpreters. 
  • Advice oninternational trade fairs. We have the experience and contacts to organise promotional activities at trade fairs, whether as an exhibitor or as a visitor with a previously scheduled list of business meetings. 
  • International market information. We provide reliable, key reporting on markets of interest (potential markets, lists of contacts, competition, etc). 
  • We select specialist personnel for your international offices. 
  • Management of companies located in countries with OECD policies. We handle all aspects with regard to national regulations concerning taxation, labour, accounting and commerce.
  • Advice on the design and management of internationalization programmes for public bodies and organisations.
  • Advice on international trade missions. We have extensive experience in coordinating direct and reverse trade missions for sector and multi-sector business groups, subcontracted by national and international institutions.
  • Comprehensive support for events and fairs. 
  • Information on foreign markets
  • We work with public and private entities in attracting foreign investment, developing and implementing sales and marketing strategies for different regions of the world. 
  • Training in internationalization. We provide specialist seminars with the aim of offering the keys to success in the various stages of export, import and expansion overseas.
  • Human resources for the internationalization of businesses 
  • International public procurement. Having been awarded international public procurement tenders, we have successfully developed technical assistance projects for organisations such as the European Commission and the World Bank.

Here we list a few points for consideration with regard to evaluating the internationalization process:

  • Offers the potential for continued growth beyond the domestic market, replicating a business or investment model that has been successful locally, outside the country.
  • Provides access to larger and greater volume markets, thereby diversifying risk. More clients, less risk.
  • Companies with an international presence are exposed to different economic realities that help to better offset and overcome local difficulties.
  • Economies of scale are generated with the addition of volume.
  • Ease, speed and cost are acceptable with regard to international transport and logistics.
  • The use of computers and information technology facilitates communication and the monitoring of economic interests around the world.
  • Offers the possibility of opening up other markets for surplus production or even obsolete products in the domestic market. At the same time, it allows you to offset periods of seasonal demand.
  • Offers the potential to participate in international calls for tender.
  • Operational and payment risk is inherent to commerce. It should be stressed, however, that this is very limited at an international level and it is possible to subscribe to a guarantee or insurance to cover operations.
  • It is not easy to obtain reliable information and contacts with regard to international markets.
  • Exchange rate fluctuation should also be taken into account, which can have a positive impact or otherwise, depending on your position.
  • Some companies must obtain export licenses for the goods and/or services they wish to export which may reduce competitiveness.
  • The documentation and procedures required for entering international markets are often bureaucratic and it is a good idea to get advice and support to guide you through the process.
  • There are some necessary additional costs to take on in the form of the production of promotional material, attendance at trade shows, travel, administrative issues, etc.

Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss any requirements you may have and explore possible avenues for working together.

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