We offer legal and administrative agency services in Andorra. Incorporating a company, accounting, fiscal optimization, tax settlement, etc. We offer a service tailored to your needs, without any conflicts of interest, guaranteeing at all times professionalism and quality of service.

  • Tax services
    • Tax consultancy
    • Tax planning and optimisation
    • Drawing up of tax returns
    • Settlement of periodic taxes and annual closes
  • Accounting services
    • Accounting consultancy services and review of internal procedures
    • Accounting / Regular drawing up of accounting statements: journal and general ledger, profit and loss, balance sheet and trial balance report
    • Assistance and formulation of annual accounts (balance sheet, profit and loss, statement of changes in equity, cash flow statement and report)
    • Filing and deposit of annual accounts at registry
    • Management control and periodic financial reporting
  • Commercial procedures
    • Application for foreign investment
    • Establishment, modification, termination and liquidation of companies
    • Writing of articles of association
    • Obtaining and legalisation of minutes books
    • Production of annual accounts

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