Finances & Management Control

Traditionally, the financial function has been designed as an area that is more focused on accounting and administrative procedures. However, the current context  demands that financial and management control  departments take on a more strategic and priority role, including: preparing comprehensive reports on the business, the financing structure and cash flow, the profitability of investments , tax optimization, preparing and monitoring budgets, analytical accounting, cost reduction projects and possible corporate transactions.

IdeAnd Consulting can assist in this whole process in order to align the financial policy with the strategic goals.

Our range of services includes:

  • Financial diagnosis of the company. Feasibility plans and periodic monitoring service.
  • Providing reports to General Management, the Board of Directors and Shareholders.
  • Projects for savings, refinancing and tax optimization.
  • Evaluating investments and investees.
  • Management control: defining procedures, implementing analyses, designing budgets and follow-up
  • Coordinating and supervising the preparation of Financial and Accounting Statements.
  • Relationship with third parties: external auditors, lawyers, authorities and financial institutions.

We remain at your disposal without any obligation, to meet your needs and explore possible avenues for collaboration

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