About Andorra

Andorra is the history of a society that has managed to evolve and reinvent itself, starting from its 3,600 inhabitants in the inter-war era with an economic model based on agriculture and livestock, until becoming a prosperous country with some 70,000 inhabitants, whose growth is shored up by commerce, tourism and the financial sector.

At present, Andorra is confronting a period of transformation in its business/country model, seeking an international fit without giving up its unique features. In this regard, liberalisation of foreign investment, tax and trade standardisation within Europe and greater financial transparency and legal security, are all milestones that are positioning the country as a competitive international destination for investment and business projects.

In the economic climate today, interesting foreign investment opportunities emerge in multiple sectors, where the most notable are: Real Estate, Retail, Health, Well-being, Sports, Technology, Tourism and Foreign Trade. Beyond the solid local market, nourished by over 8 million tourists per year, Andorra represents an ideal platform for investing and working abroad.

It is also a perfect destination for those considering retirement, living from an annuity and for families. Andorra enjoys an extremely attractive tax framework and a moderate cost of living, top rate education and healthcare systems, exceptional cultural and natural heritage, and unique safety and quality of life.

Thus, we encourage the international community, businesses, professionals and families to invest in or become residents of Andorra.

Thank you for your interest.

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