Foreign Investment

We help you to set up a business in Andorra: from the initial feasibility study and obtaining authorisations, to opening a bank account, hiring personnel.

Type Definition
Direct foreign investment
  • By setting up a company
  • Capital investment in Andorran companies
Real Estate investment Investments to be made by purchasing a property and/or other in-rem property rights. No commercial premises.
In portfolio Subscription of debt securities on loans issued by individuals who are residents of Andorra and Andorran legal entities, and the subscription of shares and preferred stock.
Other types

Participation in contracts, joint accounts, foundations, cooperatives and community estates.

  1. Reservation of company name
  2. Creation of client dossier with all documentation required and duly legalised/stamped with Apostille/translated
  3. Submission to government of the Foreign Investment Application, pursuant to Law 10/2012 and implementing regulations
  4. Preparation of Client Compliance Dossier and initial contact with the country’s banks
  5. Search for a house and/or company premises
  6. Writing of articles of incorporation for submission when setting up a company
  7. Opening of bank account, deposit of capital stock and subsequent obtaining of bank certificate
  8. Notarisation of the company’s articles of association
  9. Registering in Tax Registry and obtaining of Tax Registration Number
  10. Reservation of trade name
  11. Obtaining of electric installation bulletin and fire extinguisher maintenance agreement
  12. Registration of business in pertinent district (comú)
  13. Registration with Andorran Social Security
  14. Procedures with FEDA, Andorra Telecom, etc.
  15. Support in hiring personnel, promoting the business, search for local alliances, etc.

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For individuals:

  • Photocopy of passport or DNI (ID) duly legalised and/or bearing Apostille
  • Extract of criminal records from country of origin and/or last residence, duly legalised or bearing Apostille
  • Business Plan according to government format + curriculum vitae

For legal entities:

  • Photocopy legalised or bearing Apostille of the articles of incorporation
  • Photocopy of passport of company representatives or attorneys holding powers legalised or bearing Apostille
  • Photocopy of power of attorney of company representatives or power of attorneys legalised or bearing Apostille
  • Extracts of criminal records from country of origin and/or last residence, of company representatives or attorneys holding powers duly legalised or bearing Apostille
  • Two copies of the board certificate agreeing to the foreign investment being applied for
  • Certificate from Commercial Registry + articles of incorporation bearing Apostille + record of real ownership

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