Our aim at IdeAnd Consulting and BCN Business Angels is to act as catalysts and facilitators of this process in Andorra, providing our experience and strategic allies from the world of economics and finance, universities and from the industry in question.

BCN Business Angels is an initiative by successful entrepreneurs and professionals from different economic sectors who contribute their experience, knowledge and extensive relational skills in social and economic matters, while at the same time investing in projects.

In this sense, above and beyond research funding for investment projects, the partnership allows us to offer comprehensive advice tailored to entrepreneurs in the various stages of creating a business. More specifically:

We can help with the Business Plan and the executive presentation to investors. In particular:

  • An in-depth study of the opportunity. We analyse the business model, validating the sources of income (products, services, markets, etc.) prices and margins, as well as metrics and key business indicators.
  • We size and segment the target market. We create a projection of the market share’s growth and expectations.
  • We consider the competitive environment.
  • We define a sales plan and marketing strategy.
  • We review the profile of the team and propose the appropriate organisation required to manage the new company, taking into account the current experience and dedication.
  • We prepare financial projections especially in terms of capital requirements, the financing structure and cash management.
  • We define the exit strategy.
  • We provide legal advice (legal status, partnership agreements, control of the company, etc.).

If the company has already been set up, we can help in:

  • Defining a growth acceleration and internationalisation project.
  • Reformulating the business model and/or professionalising the organisational structure.
  • Performing a financial diagnosis by updating the business plan in order to compete for later rounds of funding.
  • A more exhaustive due diligence at an economic-financial and legal level.
  • Assessing the optimal exit strategy.

Lastly, since it is not always necessary to have an investor in order to start a project, we help in researching strategic alliances.  We have a portfolio of contacts with potential clients, mentors, technological allies, etc. that can undoubtedly mean a qualitative leap in the project’s viability.

IdeAnd Consulting

Entrepreneurship is synonymous with innovation, knowledge, business opportunities, capital, and ultimately, economic activity and employment. For this reason, it is essential to encourage entrepreneurship in the country by helping to create an ecosystem that allows business ideas to be created and transformed into real businesses with a future.

Have you got a business idea? Would you like to re-launch your project? Do you need advice?

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