Marketing and Sales

In the current situation companies are opting for omni-channel strategies to reach potential customers, wherever they are. Sales policies need to adapt to mobile devices, combine the online market and the traditional one, social networks, offering distinctive and exclusive products, as well as promotional strategies and more accurate pricing.

At the same time, customer management has become a top priority. It is essential to understand their expectations, to be able to assess satisfaction, monitor redemptions and conversions, and launch all kinds of actions in a segmented fashion. In this sense, we are really in the era of Big Data, which aims to exploit large amounts of data that is valuable for the business, and gain a competitive advantage when making decisions.

IdeAnd Consulting’s range of services:

  • Market research. Qualitative and quantitative studies.
  • Satisfaction surveys. Corporate reputation studies.
  • Consumer panels and product testing.
  • Social and public opinion research.
  • Sectorial and commercial revitalization studies.
  • Customer strategy and redemption, conversion, loyalty and recovery models.
  • Auditing sales outlets and mystery shoppers. Quality of Service.
  • Big Data and management frameworks.
  • Strategic marketing plans.
  • Design and economic study of promotions, rebate periods and campaigns. Defining goals and budgets.
  • Communication plans. Advertising pre-test services. Audience measurement and analysis.
  • Organizing corporate events.
  • Optimizing commercial channels, the sales force and the management of large accounts.
  • Plans for boosting sales.
  • Online sales / Internet 2.0.
  • Defining variable payment systems.
  • Training plans for the sales teams.
  • Pricing Strategy · ‘Yield Management’.

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It’s not just about being better. It’s about being different.
Tom Abbot
At the end, you’re different or you’re cheaper.
Guy Kawasaki
The best advertising is done by satified customers.
Philip Kotler

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