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People are still the determining factor in a business’s profitability, and ultimately in its sustainability. The private and public sectors are facing unprecedented challenges as they attempt to fulfill their strategic agendas while keeping costs under control. In this balancing exercise it is people who become the main asset and ally. Undoubtedly, the HR departments must continue ensuring the payment of salaries, compliance with employment regulations and administrative procedures, but more importantly, they must take on a strategic role that:

  • ensures a working environment with a culture and exemplary values that encourage the attraction, engagement and retention of talent.

  • ensures that the organization is flexible and properly sized, establishing mechanisms of development and compensation that direct the organization towards its strategic goals.

IdeAnd Consulting’s range of services:

  • Review of the organisational and operational structure. Proposed action plans.
  • Business reorganisations. Unifying structures. Operational, organisational and cultural integration of personnel. Standardising conditions. Change management. Communication plans.
  • Interim Management to lead transformation processes successfully. 
  • Description and assessment of jobs. Defining competencies by position.
  •   Defining internal policies and regulations.
  • Technological solutions (e-learning, intranet and employee portals, etc.)
  • Selecting people.
  • Assistance in drafting business agreements.
  • Implementing tools for managing and assessing teams based on competencies and goals.
  • Defining career paths and succession plans for key roles.
  • Identifying and developing critical skills and competencies.
  • Designing and organising outdoor training and team building activities .
  • Work Environment studies.
  • Training and Internal Communication plans.
  • Corporate culture (code of ethics and corporate social responsibility).
  • Diagnosing and optimising payment policies.
  • Compensation plans according to goals and competencies, aligned with business.
  • Financial simulations according to scenarios.
  • Comparative salaries to ensure internal equity and external competitiveness.

We remain at your disposal without any obligation, to meet your needs and explore possible avenues for collaboration.

IdeAnd Consulting

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To have simple structures and organizations with minimal hierarchical levels, with human development and in house training of executive functions. To have flexibility and speed in making decisions. Operating with the advantages of the small business .
Carlos Slim
Culture eats strategy for breakfast.
Peter Drucker
Talent is the sum of knowledge and values ​​ multiplied by attitude.
Luis Conde