Businesses in trouble

As a consequence of the current economic climate, companies are being faced with increasingly complex scenarios, including: declining or stagnant sales, reduced profit margins, cash-flow problems, business units operating at a loss, excessive cost structures and conflicts between parties (suppliers, customers, shareholders, regulators, employees, etc). These are situations that, if not managed with due diligence, may prove irreversible, consequently having an impact on company viability and sustainability.

In this regard, experience shows that organisations, by avoiding any deviation from their business plan or putting aside the day-to-day priorities, delay response to situations of conflict or emergency and have difficulty managing them. The urgent issues take priority over the important ones. In addition, the emotional factor hampers the diagnostic phase and subsequent decision making becomes entirely objective and inflexible.

At IdeAnd Consulting, in partnership with Forest Partners, we design solutions that ensure business continuity and effective conflict management. Our goal is to help management, shareholders and/or creditors, including banks.

Main areas of service:

We advise and support our clients in the process of definition and subsequent implementation of optimal action plans with regard to out of the ordinary and complex situations.
We are a multidisciplinary team, working in an integrated manner and close collaboration with lawyers, auditors, consultants and industry experts, offering a specialised and independent service at all times.
  • Company, operational and financial crisis management and restructuring.
  • Plans to improve efficiency and reduce costs.
  • Transactions. Assistance in the sale of companies, production units or assets. Ordered liquidations. Valuations. Due diligence processes. Etc.
  • The practice of litigation in legal or dispute proceedings. Expert evidence. Arbitrations. Mediations. Research. Insolvency. Internal audits. Etc.
  • Monitoring of business plans and independent business reviews. Involving a comprehensive, objective and independent business evaluation, allowing the debtor to provide its creditors and/or investors with an accurate opinion on present and future viability.
  • Portfolio management. We look for options to improve profitability on investments providing a low return or which may be prejudicing the entire portfolio.

Forest Partners

Forest Partners is a Boutique of professional services which operates solely in Spain, specialising in out of the ordinary and complex situations. It has offices in Madrid, Barcelona and Bilbao.

Its team is composed of professionals with extensive experience in top level companies. The company has acted as the bankruptcy administrator in more than one hundred insolvency proceedings, many of them high profile. It has also advised on the presentation and management of bankruptcy proceedings, as well as participating as experts in many of the major disputes that have taken place in Spain and successfully completing numerous fraud investigations.

We are able to list, among others, the following purchasing operations that form part of the company’s public profile:

  • Cacaolat – Sale of the Damm-Cobega Company.
  • Sale operations for Seda Solubles. National leader in the manufacture of instant coffee and related white label brandand distribution activities. (Sales of €45 M).
  • Due Diligence for the purchase of the Blanco company (Sales of €150 M).
  • Sale operations for Miró stores.
  • Sale operations for Artenius Turkpet. (Turkish Company with sales of approx., €130 M)
  • Sale operations for the national and international leader in the manufacture of plastic bottles and preforms (LSB/Appe). Six companies in Europe. Sales of approx. €650 M.

Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss any requirements you may have and explore possible avenues for working together.

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